The equipment on board

September 12, 2016

This post will answer some questions about the boat and the equipment. It will be helpful if you are considering renting a sailboat in Majorca


You can find everything necessary for a safe sailing in a recreational craft such as tableware (plates, a coffee maker, a water heater, pots, pans, glasses and cutlery), fitted sheets, blankets and cushions. The sheets and towels can be rented at the jetty area, so don’t forget to bring all the necessary for your hygiene, food and cleaning (dish soap, a scourer and a cloth, napkins, trash bags, lighters or matches for the gas kitchen).
Most of the boats are equipped with an oven and a gas kitchen, but they rarely have electric devices like microwaves.

What are the heads (toilets) like?
If you have never sailed before, they are similar to airplane toilets. The majority of the boats have a hand pump to bail out and have an open shower tray with a hose. Some of them still have a hand pump to bail out the water but most of them have a water suction pump so the only thing you have to do is to push a button to flush.
Spanish regulations oblige all watercrafts to have a tank for blackwater (but not for gray water) and it can’t be unloaded on the high seas up to a 12-miles distance from the coast. All the sailboats are equipped with these tanks with a water level gauge to measure the tank levels. When boarding, the staff will explain how to proceed to the unloading but it is as easy as opening a sea cock, always following the regulations.

The use of water on board has to be limited. The boats have water tanks, one or two, depending on the length. If you don’t want to stop too many times at the dock we recommend having quick showers and not using too many dishes and cutlery. Mineral water can be used to drink and cook and it is recommended to calculate 2 liters per person/day of mineral water. In any case, the tanks can be filled at any dock. You just have to be prudent. Also, be careful and don’t fill the fuel tank with water (it is a common mistake). As soon as you realize this has happened, stop the boat motor and call the staff.

Don’t be all at sea!
Don’t ever forget that you are on a sailboat. Although this is your vacation you have to be aware that even though the boat is well maintained, complications or breakdowns can always occur. What matters is how the charter company solves the problem with the service they provide you the moment it happens. Just like you, their only wish is that you can enjoy your vacation.