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Oficina / Headquarters Carrer Magalhaes 12 - Palma de Mallorca - Spain Base Manager: +34663947005 Office Manager: +34677496357 Open from 09:30 h. to 16:00 h. from Monday to Friday. (high season Saturdays from April to the end of october from 09:00 to 14:00) The boat must be returned tidy with full inventory and full fuel thanks. If you overnight on board after check out, please remember to leave the boat at the latest by 08:00 the following morning. Remember marine toilets and holding tanks are easily clogeed if items other than what passed through the digestive system are flushed down. So please put the toilet paper into the waste bin provided. To unblock clogeed toilets or holding tanks we will charge a fee of 100€. It is required that clients leave a security deposit for the boat (with visa, mastercard or cash) before taking the boat. (not accepted american express) At the end of the charter you have to be back at base or check-out by Friday ay 17:00 with the diesel tanks full. If the tanks are not full, we'll charge the total amount of the liters of the tank from the deposit. If you return to base later than 17:00, without prior notice or justification, a charge of 100€ will be levied to cover the diver's overtime. Please do not use the bath towels on the beach. Phone: +34 971 282 821 Phone: +34 677496357
Pantalán Marina La Lonja / Dock-Embark Muelle de la Lonja s/n - Palma de Mallorca - Spain Meeting point for embarking Marina La Lonja Phone: +34677496357 Phone: +34687435179

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