Leave your boat in the best hands

The dream of owning a boat is often followed by the nightmare of its costs (mooring, insurance, repairs, annual maintenance…) Once those costs are calculated, the dream often vanishes before it starts, but we have the solution to this problem.


Being a boat owner can be a great option if you have a charter company to which your boat can be entrusted. You can sail whenever you want and obtain many advantages under this management system. Annual maintenance, mooring, official reinstatement as well as annual economic benefits that will make you forget about the costs and simply enjoy it.


If you finally decide to buy a new boat, you won’t have to think about anything but enjoying your holiday on board. Our favourable 38 years experience in the industry, our reputation and professionalism as well as our great technical team and staff vouch for us.


The owner will be able to enjoy 4 weeks during the charter season and will have total availability during the low season.

Responsibilities accepted by the boat owner:

· 100% equipment replacement expenses

· 50% annual insurance cost

· 50% annual mooring cost

The Charter Company’s responsibilities:

100% annual maintenance

· Customer service and technical assistance

· Reservation management, advertising and marketing

· Quarterly settlement with the ship owner

· 50% mooring expenses

· 50% insurance cost

· Management of the boat’s official documentation.

Majorca, an exceptional place

Palma has been chosen for the second consecutive year the best city to live in the world, reuniting the best professionals in recreational boating and offering high quality tourism.


Our boats have an exceptional location in the city centre, five minutes walking from downtown, in a marina specialised in nautical charter. This way, our clients can combine nautical and urban tourism having all types of amenities available for your boarding.


The season in Majorca is long (from April to October) and the port of Palma is very well known and accessible from any point on the Balearic Islands, from the sea level as well as from the air.