Is it necessary to rent a mooring beforehand in Majorca?

August 01, 2016

It is important to remark that the season when the boat is rented determines whether it is recommendable or not to reserve the most demanded ports beforehand.


Our experience tells us that from April to the beginning of July it is not necessary to make a reservation, but if you want to spend the night in Cabrera , we recommend you to request it to the company more than twenty days beforehand, since the number of reservations is limited.
Majorca is known for its wonderful small bays, and if you have a one-week rental, you can anchor most of the days without any problem, with no need to go to the port except for two or three days to fill up tanks and charge batteries. Once you clearly know your route  you can decide whether the dock reservation is viable or not.

It should be noted that in order to make a reservation you have to know very clearly where you want to go, the weather forecast for those days and the route you are going to follow. We don’t make dock reservations more than a week beforehand. From our charter company we can offer you all the necessary information about the dock reservation. At this link you can find all the information regarding mooring on the public ports of Balearic Islands and for anchoring and normative you will find all the necessary information into this site

We recommend you to know the route you are going to follow beforehand in order to inform us and, also, in order to give us some flexibility regarding anchoring and mooring. This way we will be able to do it without too many complications depending on the necessities and mooring availabillity. Cruesa will provide you a list of ports’ telephone numbers, it is enough with just calling one day beforehand or the same day, except for cases of storms, in which it is always recommendable to enter the port.

At the port, the VHF’s channel 9 will be used to contact the first sailors and receive help for the mooring. For the rest of the Balearic Island we will make another post, but if you are considering to dock this summer in Ibiza, you’d better have patience and bear in mind that, apart from the fact that it is difficult, you will have to pay a higher price.