Frequently Asked Questions about renting a Boat

July 01, 2016

During our 35 years’ experience we have seen that many questions arise during the boat renting process, sometimes they even arise before.


We will be answering these frequently asked questions in this entry and in future publications. The aim is to offer a simpler and more positive experience when it comes to renting a boat with us.
What should I rent, a sailboat or a catamaran?
This is one of the most frequently asked questions from clients who ask for availability. It is true that the answer depends on the particular preferences of each client, but there are pros and cons to take into account for each option. Renting a sailboat is always more inexpensive regarding both, price and mooring reservation. Sailboat lovers will always prefer it to a catamaran for the possibilities it offers regarding handling and cruise speed. As disadvantages we have to mention that the space is more limited and if there are many passengers on board it is recommendable to have a cabin for two with a convertible lounge in order to have more space to enjoy. If there are children, we recommend you to rent it with a safety net to avoid unnecessary concerns.
Renting a catamaran, on the contrary, has a quite superior price compared with a sailboat but it offers a much wider space to enjoy on board. The cabins and bathrooms are situated at the hulls, the lounge is in the center, open to the cockpit, which makes it a very accessible and nice space to keep away from the sun, avoiding getting too hot downstairs. Besides, the net that links both hulls in the bow makes it the children’s favorite game zone and a good place to sunbathe or to enjoy the navigation if the seas are good. The disadvantages: do not expect the same speed from a catamaran and do not expect to enter certain ports. First, because maybe you will not find mooring due to its size and second, because of its price.
To summarize, if you are sailing with your family or with people with reduced mobility, we recommend you a catamaran. If you are going with a group of friends or with your couple, the best option is to rent a sailboat.
¿Is it possible to sail single days in the summer?
We offer winter coupons to our direct clients, which offer the possibility to sail at weekends from mid-October to the end of April, but from April-May boarding is always on Saturday. Therefore, weeks are counted from Saturday (for charter, the majority board between 14.00 and 17.00h.) to Friday at 17.00h., having the possibility to stay overnight on board until 08.00 a.m. of the following Saturday. There is no problem if you want to rent more than a week, but if it is less than a week it should always be consulted.
Apart from exceptions, we recommend not trusting those who offer single days in August reserving beforehand. They are probably private boats that do not offer any maintenance guarantee or service on board.
In Cruesa we rent single days only as last minute.
I have found the boat that I want, how can I proceed to the reservation?
If you are sure about the boat you want to reserve, the next step is to provide the company with your personal information in order to make the contract. Do not forget to request the contract with the reservation conditions before proceeding to the payment. With this, you will be able to check that the craft, dates and price are correct as agreed. Besides, we recommend you to always ask for the headquarters’ information, its location and contact numbers, as well as its services. Once you have this information, you will be able to proceed to the signing of the contract and to the payment of 50% of the reservation. The second payment will be made one month before the boarding and all the optional and obligatory extras contracted will be paid upon arrival.