Cruesa has turned 40 years old

November 05, 2019

There are not many companies that can say that she has turned 40, dedicating herself to the same thing and with success and recognition. That is why, in some way, we want to commemorate ourselves and devote ourselves to this post.


The road has not been easy. There have been numerous challenges and creating a loyal, united and dedicated team like the one we have today, has cost us work and effort, but we can say that we have achieved it. 

Today, the name Cruesa is associated with quality, familiar treatment and good service. Wherever we go, Cruesa has become a respected company, and its manager, Cristina Sastre, after a lifetime of dedication, can say  that wherever she goes is recognized and admired by all. 

We are all proud to represent a company that could have surrendered many times along the way, and never did. And much of that work, we want to dedicate to our team, but also to our customers, who year after year, call us back to put themselves in our hands and enjoy their holidays on our boats, and agencies, thank you for the confidence placed in our company. 

For all this, we just want to thank everyone, for getting a family business, which was founded by our father and grandfather, is still alive and with the essence intact with which he created it.

Thank you.

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